Simply put, we are a technology company that builds minimal, useful and essential products. We have a personal rule to only create products that provide value to the world.

Why do we do this?

For the love of creating things. Yes, that's all. For the joy of creation. The joy of seeing someone using your product. The joy of impacting people's lives in a better way.

How do we work?

We are a fully remote team. We're everywhere. We're travelling the world and making products that make the world a better place. Yes, we're proud. We love people. We love life. It's what we always wanted to do.

What are your plans for the future?

Once we're long-term financially secure, we want to provide opportunitites to the people who were not lucky enough to get them by birth. People with talent but financial troubles, people who could not learn what they wanted to learn due to responsibilities and pressure. We want to give them all the knowledge, platform and financial freedom to prove themselves.

What does Marvey mean?

It is just our way to write 'Marvelous' in short.

Wanna know more? We would love to talk more about ourselves (who doesn't?). Just drop us a mail at [email protected]

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